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About Us

Our Intention

Providing quality, alluring, & unique entertainment.  We curate events that tease the senses and leave you in awe.

We started with local community in mind, Diamond Femme Productions strives for community networking and harmony through the arts.

Our main passions are within burlesque, however we provide a wide range of entertainment from contortion to live singing and everything in between.

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We have amazing events throughout the year.   We like loud and rowdy, yet respectable crowds!  We are loving of everyone and discourage any kind of bullying or hate.   Our shows are fun and engaging.  Our events are more than shows, they are an experience.

We Support the Community

Diamond Luxuries, all natural, organic bath and body product company.

We support our community and love our sponsors.  Without our supporters and community partners we would not be able to provide you with great events.  We truly appreciate them!

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We ae always open to constructive communication!

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Diamond Femme Productions

Phoenix, Arizona, United States